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Optional Extras
Feathered Collar (Rewind) (+$150.00)
Male Jacket (Rewind) (+$20.00)
Boy Shorts (Rewind) (+$25.00)
Feathered Collar (Roadmix) (+$150.00)
Boy Shorts (Roadmix) (+$25.00)
Male Jacket (Roadmix) (+$20.00)
Feathered Collar (Amp it Up) (+$150.00)
Boy Shorts (Amp it Up) (+$25.00)
Male Jacket (Amp it Up) (+$20.00)
Feathered Collar (Volume) (+$150.00)
Boy Shorts (Volume) (+$25.00)
Feathered Collar (Power Up) (+$150.00)
Boy Shorts (Power Up) (+$25.00)
Male Jacket (Power Up) (+$20.00)
Feathered Collar (FX) (+$150.00)
Male Jacket (FX) (+$20.00)
Boy Shorts (FX) (+$25.00)
Glittered Fish Net Tights (Optional Extras) (+$45.00)
Regular Tights (Optional Extras) (+$30.00)
Premium Drinks Cart (Optional Extras) (+$100.00)
Prosecco Cart (Optional Extras) (+$110.00)
Wee Wee Truck
Wee Wee Truck (Optional Extras) (+$20.00)

All prices are in $BBD (Barbados Dollars).

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