Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I click "add to cart"?

You will be prompted to check out, supply your credit card payment details and your order will be processed through our secure checkout.   NOTE THAT YOUR COSTUME IS NOT CONFIRMED UNTIL full payment has been made and you have received an email confirmation and order number from BLUE BOX CART. 

How do I arrange payment?

Option 1: Follow the online registration and checkout through the website using our secure web checkout 

Option 2:  Visit the Band house during office hours. We accept Cash, Cheque, MasterCard or Visa Credit/Debit cards


Can someone collect my costume for me?

Yes once they have the Blue Box Cart receipt, written permission from the purchaser and/or a copy of the purchaser's ID.

I am overseas but coming to Barbados for Kadooment, how should I buy/register and be sized for my costume?

Complete the registration and payment details on the website by selecting your section, your package experience, fill in all required information for sizing, add your extras and then complete the payment details through our secure web checkout.  Alternatively, call or visit our office 246 436-7225. 

If my Costume doesn’t fit upon collection can I get a different size?

As costumes are made to order, we can not guarantee to provide you with the a different size, however, where possible we will try our best to assist in obtaining the correct size option.

I have ordered my costume already but would like to change the size.

Size changes will be allowed until Friday May 2nd. We begin production as soon as orders have been confirmed/paid, therefore no changes can be made after this date.  Where possible we will try and assist however, a change fee of  $100 will be incurred to facilitate the production of a new size if necessary.

NOTE: We will waive the change fee for Size changes on orders placed on band launch night until FRIDAY May 2nd.  We strongly suggest visiting the band house to try on the bras to ensure you get the right size.

I have ordered my costume already but forgot to order tights – how can I add this to my order?

Add on/upgrades can be purchased at any point, subject to availability and can be done by logging into your Blue Box Cart account and adding it to the cart and following all the same steps as purchasing the costume.  The can also be purchased upon collection subject to availability.

I missed the collection date for my section. What do I do?

If you have missed your section collection date, you can visit our distribution location at any point during open hours to collect.

How many people are in the band?

Approximately 1000 – 1200 Masqueraders.

I bought my costume from another masquerader, how do I transfer it to my name?

The original Masquerader must contact/notify Blue Box Cart of the transfer and the new masquerader must be in possession of the receipt for collection.

Can we buy bands and jump in our own clothes?

Unfortunately, Blue Box Cart does not offer this option.

When can we collect our costumes?

An email will be sent with all collection details, and the Costume collection schedule will be posted on all our social media platforms. Distribution usually begins approximately 10 days prior to Kadooment Day.

Is it possible to switch my costume section after I have purchased a costume?

Unfortunately, Blue Box Cart does not offer this option.

If I bought a costume but am no longer able to jump, will you buy/take it back?

After 24 Hours all purchases are final and non refundable.  

In order to recover your purchase the masquerader will have to independently advertise your costume for sale, but must advise Blue Box Cart in writing of change of ownership.

What is the difference between “Regular drinks included and the “Premium drinks Cart”?

Our general Kadooment drinks package includes – Cockspur Old Gold Rum, Banks Beer, house gin, house vodka, Malibu, Kadooment punchy punch, soft drinks, juices and water.  

The exclusive Premium drinks cart includes –Smirnoff Vodka, Gilby's Gin, Johnny Walker Black Label Scotch, Malibu, Cockspur Old Gold Rum, Banks Beer, coconut water, cranberry juice, soft drinks, juices and water.  

The cost of the premium cart is an $95.00 BDS.

Where does the band meet on Kadooment day?

Bands usually meet at The National Stadium, but detailed information including time and place will be included in your costume package upon collection and uploaded onto all social Media platforms closer to the date.

How do I become a member of Blue Box Cart?

Once you have paid the registration fee and have jumped with us within the last 15 Years as a registered band member, you are automatically a member.  You must be officially registered with us for this to apply. (Please note that being a Blue Box Cart does not automatically make you a member of Harbour Lights, and vice versa, as they are 2 separate entities.)

When is the last day you are able to purchase a Kadooment costume?

 Costumes will be available until sections sell out - Subject to availability.

What are the band house hours?

The Band House, located at Harbour Lights, Marine Villa, Bay Street, St. Michael, Barbados, is open Monday to Friday from 8:30-4:30 and Sundays from 5:00pm-8:00pm.

What is the registration fee?

This is a one time registration fee of $75.00 BDS applicable to anyone jumping with Blue Box Cart for the first time. This allows us to offer a token of appreciation to our loyal members, as after their first Kadooment Experience with us they are eligible to purchase their costume without this additional fee.

What is the difference between a Silver Female Package Experience (Regular backline), Gold Package Experience, Platinum BodyWear Package Experience and Diamond Full Front Line Package Experience Costume? (Not Cost) See pictures for further detail.
  1. Backline – basic costume includes – bra, belt, Bikini bottom, necklace, arm bands and small head piece.
  2. Gold – backline bra, jeweled Gold style strappy bikini bottom, backline headpiece, backline necklace, feathered arm and leg pieces, small feathered collar.
  3. Frontline Body Wear – Frontline Jeweled monokini, corset/any style swimsuit offered, frontline feathered arm/leg pieces, small feathered collar, small headpiece, frontline necklace & wee wee truck.
  4. Full Frontline package – Frontline Jeweled monokini, corset/ any style swimsuit offered,  frontline feathered arm/leg pieces, large feathered wings, large feathered headpiece, frontline necklace & wee wee truck.