Blue Box Cart 2024 - Directions

Blue Box Cart 2024 the moment you have been waiting for is Finally Here!!! It’s time to hit the road!

Blue Box Cart band members are asked to meet the band on the road between Burger King and PriceSmart in Warrens by 8:30 on Kadooment Day. Please see location pin attached. (Note Blue Box Cart will not be starting in Warrens)


The band will travel along Green Hill and pass by the National Stadium, it will then travel along the normal Kadooment route along the Black Rock main road toward the Mighty Gyrnner Highway where the road experience will end. The drinks inclusive party continues at Harbour Lights from 2:30-7:00PM where band members will be free.

  • Revelers are not permitted to jump alongside the band and will be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED by Security officials!
  • Please DO NOT give drinks to Revelers who are not in the band. YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE BAND!
  • FULL COSTUME MUST BE WORN on Kadooment Day.
  • Please pay attention to the DJ announcements and cooperate with officials during the day to keep things flowing smoothly and allow us to maintain the level of security you are used to.
  • Blue Box Cart MUST be notified if ownership of costume changes.
  • STRICT AGE LIMIT IS ENFORCED. Underage masqueraders, without proper documentation will be asked to leave the band.
  • Enclosed, you will find your SECURITY WRISTBAND – (Blue for Man and Red for Women). This must be worn throughout the day and entitles you to drinks from the bar trucks. Don’t forget once you put them on, they don’t come off and replacements will NOT be issued.
  • The Premium Drinks Cart & Prosecco Cart are only for the use of those persons who have registered and received wristbands for it. These are available for purchase Harbour Lights or on the day.
  • Wee Wee Truck bands (Neon Pink) are enclosed for those who have signed up for it. These must be worn to access the truck. Bands can also be purchased at Harbour Lights before (or for $30 on the day).
  • Please comply with security throughout the day and stay BEHIND the music truck.
  • As usual Certified Medics will be in the band, and they can be easily located should you need assistance.

***In the event that Kadooment is cancelled or postponed, due to circumstances beyond our control, no refunds will be issued by Blue Box Cart***